The amount of collected textile waste will increase to more than 9 million tonnes per year in Europe after introducing new waste legislation. This will require the industry to increase its sorting capacity significantly.

After collecting used textiles the next and most important step in the value chain is sorting, where the destiny of each garment is determined. Currently this process is manual, which sets a limit to capacity. Our goal is to bring high-level automation and technology to increase the capacity of sorters and decrease inaccuracy rates.

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Our Vision

It started out as a university project and turned into a real potential for an ambitious team to participate in this revolutionary phase of the fashion & textiles industry. We want to leverage the opportunity that now more than ever, all sector players are united on the sustainability goals of end-of-life textiles and innovative projects have the potential for scaling with an increased speed. Our long-term vision is to bring the smart automation that has already revolutionised many operational tasks across different industrial segments, and now it is time for the textiles sector.

The team

Szilvia Turi
Fashion business, Circular Economy and Sustainable Textiles
Aron Siska
Mechanical Engineering, Hardware and Product


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Are you interested in next generation automatic textile sorting? We are actively seeking stakeholders and industry partners interested in our technology. Reach out to us if you want to help our development or take part in pilot projects. Contact our team on: