Automated textile sorting solution for circular industrial operations

Problem statement

In the world of fashion, there have always been dedicated efforts to collect and reuse clothing and textiles. Garments are carefully sorted by specialized companies with a knack for grading used textiles. Once sorted, they are either resold or recycled, making these companies essential for keeping the textile cycle going.
However, the recent boom in fashion consumption has brought new challenges to the table. Manual sorting processes are struggling to keep up with the ever-increasing volume of items, and that’s where automation and digitalization come into play.

Our Solution

We develop a smart sorting system which uses computer vision to evaluate and sort used textiles based on their quality and condition. This way enabling sorting companies to maximise their capacity, optimise their processes and gain analytical insights.

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Our team

Aron Siska

CTO & Co-founder

Aron is a seasoned mechanical engineer with a rich background in industrial automation. Aron’s journey through big corporations and boutique design firms brings a perfect blend of expertise to our team, ensuring we’re ready to take on any engineering challenge with ease.

Szilvia Turi

CEO & Co-founder

With a solid background in fashion business and textiles Szilvia brings valuable experience from both startup environments and management consulting. Her main goal is to bridge the needs of the textile industry with cutting-edge technology.

Gerzson Boros

Data Architect

With an impressive track record of 8+ years in Machine learning and Computer Vision, Gerzson’s extensive experience ensures that we stay at the forefront of utilizing data for textile sorting applications.

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